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Durex Play
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Durex Play – Structural Branding & Packaging

This packaging project brief was to design a new bottle for the Durex Play lubricant range. The bottle was to be more evocative than the fairly stock ‘pump pack’ that Durex were using for their lubes. We then later applied alterations to the existing 2-in-1 Massage bottle to improve the similarity of the structural branding across the Play product range.

We created a bottle design with a sleek but fun shape. By giving the bottle a slim waist and adding a domed lid to cover the pump,  It resembles the toys with which it might be used! The stretched droplet shape also eludes to the product inside.

To bring the 2-in-1 Play Massage Oil bottle in line with the new shape lubricant bottle, we added some some dimples into the side of the bottle. This creates a nice soft ‘grip’ area, entices a squeeze of the bottle, and provides the waisted profile to match the Pump Pack.

The project began with an ideas brainstorm and sketch and photoshop concept visuals. The ideas were presented and the silhouette for the the bottle design was actually drawn out in the presentation meeting. The concept was then developed further into sketch CAD models and foam models. A final CAD model was created and developed by the bottle manufacturer.

The Durex Play bottles was designed for SSL International in 2008/2009 with Tin Horse. Since November 2010, SSL International has been a part of Reckitt Benckiser


Durex was designed with Tin Horse. Their website and more projects are available to view at


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