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Electronic Product Design – PickleBrix PC accessories

PickleBrix retro PC accessories are an electronic Product design concept for your PC or MAC. They are a range of connecting PC accessories and base unit, which all connect together via USB to USB connectors, or cables if you wish to spread them out.

The accessories include 5.1 surround sound satellite speakers, an external hard drive,  web-cam, desk lamp, and also connectors for docking specific mobile phones and devices. The system also functions as a powered USB hub for connecting any other USB device to your PC or MAC. The electronic product design concept has scope for expansion as individual ‘Brix’ can be added in time or as new accessories are released.

The base unit is the amplifier, and has a sub-woofer speaker. It is also the volume and bass/treble control, and is the sound and power connection to the PC or MAC.


Picklebrix copypc-speaker-amp-speakerpc-speaker-amp copybrix

PickleBrix Construction

Picklebrix are made from a ceramic outer case, with a plastic box insert to encase the components. Each ceramic case is moulded using a similar process to making mugs or bowls in moulds. The front of each component has a textured leather finish, and the speaker cones are made from a ‘tweed’ coloured Kevlar. The metal is chrome finished. Underneath each unit is a rubber grip and two ‘pegs’ which pop into place to hold the plastic case into the ceramic shell.

Each USB socket rotates, so if you are using the USB to USB connectors to stack ‘Brix’ they can be rotated to a suitable angle. The desk lamp and web cam also have a tilt-able centre, to adjust the horizontal angle.

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