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Business Branding for ourselves!

The name Emblime was born from the word ‘Emblem’ to signify branding, and combined with the ‘lime’ tag from parent company Dandelime Ltd. The main logo was to emulate an emblem or stamp with which we can ‘brand’ all of our material. We also use the ‘E’ on its own as a logo device.

We are not afraid to splash our logo onto things, in different colours and formats. We like to show how versatile clean business branding can be, and how using your logo wisely can make artwork your own.

If you would like your brand and logo to be clean crisp and versatile, why not give us a call on 01608 684 312, or email us using!

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About Our Website design

We designed a website which we intended to really show off our client work folio. We decided to include a fun rotating hexagon design to display the project work. The website is a ‘responsive design‘ which resizes and re-orders itself as you re-size the browser window, or view/rotate on a mobile device or tablet.


Cool, clever, fun, & creative businesss card designCool, clever, fun, & creative businesss card designCool, clever, fun, & creative businesss card designIMG_9675

Our printed media design

We wanted to create some fun business cards that are tactile and people can’t help but interact with. The cards see-saw in the folded ‘sliced lime’ format, or unfold to make a circular printed coaster.

They also have slits which holds them together in a whole ‘lime’ formation- great for leaving on the table!

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